Life Lessons: Some Questions

Why is the film called “Life Lessons“?  Does anyone learn a lesson about life?

Does the film present Lionel as a genuine artist?  Why can’t he tell Paulette what he thinks about her paintings?  Is she a genuine artist?  What about Gregory Stark, the “performance artist”?

In the short dream sequence of Lionel and Paulette, where the lighting is predominantly blue, whose “fantasy” are we seeing?

Does the film have a repeated visual “motif” of any sort?  Are any colours associated in particular with Paulette or Lionel?

Describe Lionel.  Based on what you see in the film, try to guess some details about his past life.

Think about the significance of the two main characters’ names.  What about the name of the Spanish artist Paulette brings home?   What about the girl Lionel meets in the art gallery at the very end of the film?  Is any of this significant?