Week Three:  Lighting & Colour

Today’s PowerPoint gives a simple overview of the basics of movie lighting, and how colour can be used to add to mood and theme.

Below is an excellent analysis of lighting in the classic film, The Godfather (1972).  In showing the artistry of the lighting and cinematography, it makes a good argument for why the film is recognized as one of the greatest of all time.

Here is Matt Esteron from Aputure, a group who do educational videos on filmmaking.  As part of their “4 Minute Film School” series, they give a good demonstration of the basics of movie lighting.

Another online educational series, RocketJump Film School, gives an excellent explanation of the different techniques used to change the quality of light – and affect the mood and look of your film images.

Another Aputure video suggests 7 tips, with well-selected examples, for how lighting can be used to contribute to storytelling.

From Studio Binder, a primer on the way colour is used in films, and its contribution to psychological effect.

Four Minute Film School’s Valentina Vee explains how to achieve “beauty lighting” for different fashion advertisements.

Watch how framing, camera movement, lighting, and colour combine to produce these absolutely spectacular and memorable images from throughout film history.